Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Drinking tea in bed

Good Morning, (whispered quietly) as I type I'm still wrapped in the duvet with a large cup of tea.
Yesterday, Lord Rust and I were selling our wares at Kempton Racecourse and as usual it was an exhausting experince, but once again filled me with inspiration, the drive to make more, work harder and  be brave with new designs. We always trade from the same spot at Kempton, having the trailer in tow means we are at the very far end of the market right next to the shippers whose uneviable job it is to deliver everyones spontanious purchases to theier homes or shops.
A customer of mine this week struggled, along with Lord Rust to fit a tweed covered wingback armchair into her rather lovely (but unfit for purpose) shiney new Audi. F1 logistics stepped in to save the day and I watched as the chair that I had crafted was loaded up amoungst the gplan sideboards, chesterfield sofas and beautiful industial pieces.
 I love our spot here even though many other traders dislike being in this area, so far away form the main action. Rather smugly its my belief that we are lucky to be there, getting the same spot each time means you all know where we are and even though our stock changes almost daily there are recourring themes such as lord rusts.... well rust, lots of metal, well worn wooden pieces and (please excuse the awful pharase) 'mantiques' are his trademark,

Along with my tweed covered gentlemans chairs, bright floral patchwork and vintage hessian sack are the reccouring themes that we are now becoming known for, maps are fast becoming a favourite too.
Photo: Just finished this beautyPhoto: Carley's Yard is looking good, think we can smugly say team Norfolk/Rust have excelled in display again

 As well as being easy to find I love this location for watching whats been bought. Undeniably a nosy creature I find immense pleasure in seeing other peoples homes, and this little forghtnighly insight the interiors of the people of London pleases me greatly. Seeing a piece of my furniture along with so many things I consider beautiful was an made for an enexpected feeling of proudness. The sheer scale and diversity of this market usually overwhelms me, feeling like a newbe and watching so many pieces of awe inspiring furniture and accessories going by each time sometimes makes me feel inadiquate in comparison, but now full of tea and suitably rested I'm ready to make as much aswomeness as is humanly possible fuelled by the deire to watch entire lorry load of Lady Norfolk
and Lord Rust pieces beig packaged up taken to tower Brige SE1 (where my chair went yesterday)!

Our next market is at the Lincolnshire Showground on the 2nd and 3rd of December  a gorgeous well organised fair that you need the entire day to walk around. After which we'll head on to Newark Showground on the 5th of December for two days Newark is great, so many stalls, an amazing Bratwurst seller and hopefully the source of many of my Christmas gifts this year.

A selection our stock is availibale from Tuesdays to Sundays at Carleys Yard in Framlingham,
 this refreshingly chic centre of gorgeousness is so worth a visit if your in Suffolk, full to its lovely rafters with the perfect gifts for those a little more discerning. Theres a retro specialist,  a wonderful seection of elegant antiques, two rooms of art and our brilliant mix of rust and prettyness too!

Time to get up now, fabulousness to make!

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