Monday, 5 May 2014

Cressing Temple Barns

Just home from the above fair. Not the best we've ever done but not far from home and quite cheap to have a pitch. Not sure if we will bother again because there were half the traders outside this time and if the customers get fed up with it that's a waste of time for us. 
It really is a beautiful place. Well worth a wander around if you're in the area. 
We had some awesome stock for the ladies and gents of Essex. 
Some didn't come back with us.  
I had a good old time Lording it up. 
Oh look he's made a table out of scaffolding. 
Our Temple of loveliness looked great even the Tempelars would have enjoyed it. 
Now back to it and get ready for our next couple of big events. Kempton and Ripley Castle near Harrogate. Watch this space! 

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