Monday, 21 July 2014

IACF Ardingly 22/23 July 2014

 Look at all our new awesome stuff!! 
Showing off a bit now but we've had great fun making loads of new (old) stock, our usual contrast of rusty industrial and sumptuous upholstery continues, mixing rich jewel colours with just the right amount of benign neglect is becoming our signature look. This stock is all loaded up ready for tomorrow's event which is in Ardingly in West Sussex where people of good taste decend from nearby London and Brighton and from as far away as Japan and America.   

 This oversized footstool is on wheels, we love the local vintage sack.
Bollywood anyone? We continue to be inspired by colours seen on Indian furniture and buildings- the perfect palette for this glorious warm weather we are experiencing.

We all have a friend we'd like to buy this pice of art for!!

Collection of coat hooks from vintage spirit levels and bobbins.

Imagine a filing cabinet but better, this hand sprayed beauty comes topped with scaffold board top for the ultimate industrial storage solution.

Hurrah for colour! Multiples of nearly anything look just gorgeous, this would be such a stunning window display.

oh yeah and a trademark Lord Rust horror dolly!!

Hello double industrial table awesomeness, so chunky, manly and Grrrrrrr you'll actually grow a beard and instantly turn into a lumberjack when you buy one!

Beautiful wool makes this chair every bit as luxurious as it is gorgeous , with added pom poms too, Yay!

If in doubt add more, more colours, more textures, more patterns, make it more rusty, add another layer of wax, make it tactile, touchable and most important make it fun! 

Final bit of showing off (we promise)..... We had the pleasure of meeting a lovely lady from Homes and Antiques magazine whilst we were selling at Kempton Race Course,  she was nice enough to include us in her write up of the fair here's what she said

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