Wednesday, 10 July 2013

It was a close race at Kempton but the blue chair took it by a nose...

 This week we had our second visit to Kempton Park, the queueing doesn't get any easier. Luckily Vic's brother came and collected us for pizza and beer before dropping us back off to try to get a bit of sleep before the first move towards getting a pitch.

 6.30am finally arrived and the race to get everything out of the van began. It wasn't a good day for me to move into Chinese artifacts as the cheesy wall plaque fell out of the van as we unloaded. Anyway maps are the way forward. Eggs and basket were mentioned a few times. These maps are great if you have a huge damp patch to cover or need cheap wallpaper I'm your man. Just £20 each, come and see me this weekend at Norwich, Norfolk Showground.
 As usual most of the chairs that Lady Norfolk takes to Kempton don't return with us so if you fancy one come and see us early. We don't sell online and would rather not bother to give you a card and sorry we haven't got a tape measure.... Buy it quick or somebody else will!

 My 1960's kitchen cabinet will be coming for a ride to Norfolk. Great condition come and make me an offer.
 The lads that made the log table were opposite us and had some amazing gear. I couldn't believe they actually took things home.
Lady Norfolk is beavering away at the chair sanctuary, working her chipped nails to the bone making the next batch of goodies. I've even been cleaning things before selling them... I'm sure this won't last long. It must just be a phase I'm going through. I have some lovely chrome folding chairs, a sexy waxed double bed and masses and masses of the best vintage clothing ready for it's first outing. As I've said come and see us this weekend. Norfolk giant antique and collectors market Norfolk Showground.

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