Thursday, 4 July 2013

Where to buy our awesome stuff

After a successful weekend at Salvo fair Lord Rust has replenished his stock of interesting man-rust and wood and I have been painting everything that doesn't move, I'm currently in the middle of upholstering a wing back armchair in gorgeous vintage florals which I'm already rather pleased with.
Should you happen to have fabulous taste and wish to ogle and purchase our wares then you'll be delighted to know it will be available this coming Sunday 7th July at t
he very beautiful Greshams School in Holt, Holt Road Norfolk, more information about the event is available from
 After which we will be returning to Kempton Race Course on Tuesday 9th July, where I'm hoping to sneak off for a look at the amazing range of wonderful goodies on sale, from my uber quick browse en route to the ladies it looked like I needed at least one item from each stall I passed, could well come home poorer than I leave

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